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look left and look right, [entries|friends|calendar]
the maccabees

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[19 Nov 2008|09:57pm]

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Lemon Grove, Exeter [28 Oct 2007|11:36am]


First post here and all that but anyway, I work as a part freelance photographer and on 25th October went to see The Maccabees at Lemon Grove in Exeter (UK), ive uploaded the photos onto my livejournal, which  can be found here. I also met Orlando and the tour manager backstage which was cool.

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icons [16 Jul 2007|02:34pm]


I got a little bored...Collapse )

comment & credit.
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[11 Jun 2007|06:06pm]

If you haven't already, you should check out these great photos over at Matthew Daniel Siskin's blog. He was kidnapped by them. ha ha...
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[11 Jun 2007|07:34pm]
Few Orlando banners located here in my journal.

because this ought to have a post of its own... [10 Jun 2007|09:57pm]

i give you, the orlando weeks dance.

the orlando weeks dance.

all my photos from last night in chicago are hereeeee.  look and lick my friends.
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The Maccabees video interviews [04 Jun 2007|09:52pm]

Hello! I'm looking for The Maccabees video interviews. I've seen only few and maybe there are just few, but if someone could give me a hint I'd appreciate! ;)

These I've seen:

(( The Maccabees on Cribs Mtv2 )) (guess you can call it somekind of an interview. By the way, does anyone know where to find the whole thing?)

(( The Maccabees ArtrockerTV ))

That's about it, thanks in advance! :)
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[18 May 2007|06:16pm]

liverpool fc
the libertines
the maccabees
arctic monkeys

liverpool fc
the libertine

here @ colouritin
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Wallpaper: The Maccabees. [13 May 2007|05:00pm]
Located @ http://kafkaesquee.livejournal.com/


[06 May 2007|10:51am]

taking questions!!

i'm interviewing the maccabees tonight, so if anyone has any questions throw them this way for the next 5 hours or so.
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[12 Mar 2007|07:59pm]


hello. does anyone have the mp3 of this that they wouldn't mind sending my way please?
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A few new dates; [06 Jun 2006|09:10am]

  Upcoming Shows ( view all )
Jul 1 2006 10:00A
Lennons Southampton
Jul 2 2006 8:00A
Night and Day Manchester
Jul 3 2006 8:00A
Little Civic Wolverhampton
Jul 5 2006 8:00A
The Faversham Leeds
Jul 6 2006 8:00A
The Social Nottingham
Jul 8 2006 8:00A
Oxegen Festival Ireland
Jul 9 2006 8:00A
T in The Park Scotland
Jul 11 2006 8:00A
The Leadmill Sheffield
Jul 12 2006 8:00A
The Zodiac Oxford
Aug 26 2006 8:00A
Reading Festival Reading
Aug 27 2006 8:00A
Leeds Festival Leeds
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save file projects [08 May 2006|01:46pm]


The Demo's collection:
About your dress
Colour it in
First love
Long necks
Picnic Song
Precious time
Sore throat
The bore
The smoker

The Live collection:
Latchmere and Lego (XFM)
Mary (XFM)
Happy Faces (Waterats on Radio One)
Live on Radio One at the Waterats (full set MP3)

These are mostly thanks to the fantastic NicNell (myspace)
over on the official forum. Its a bit of a mess over there so I've
brought the links over here as well x
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[28 Apr 2006|07:43am]


Presenting the art-work from the maccabees first release, "you make noise, I'll make sandwiches."
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[15 Apr 2006|10:32pm]

To celebrate having 2 members now, I uploaded some songs. Sorry for neglecting the community earlier on, the Maccabees truly don't deserve this.

The Maccabees. Mary
The Maccabees. Latchmere
The Maccabees. Precious Time
The Maccabees. First Love
The Maccabees. X Ray
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